Montagu Beach Fish Market, Nassau



Typical scene at Montagu fish market - it's a great place to meet rel characters. Prices are good, but even better if you negotiate a little.

Need fruit and vegetables to go with your fish ? - all the essential ingredients for that perfect fish supper - plantains, thyme, tomatoes, sour oranges and hot peppers.

Montagu beach fish market - selling fish straight off the boat, as well as lobster, conch and shrimp.

Montagu Beach Fish Market

Slightly off the beaten track and surprisingly, a place that even some of the locals don't frequent - this is the fish market at Montagu Beach. Here, you will find fresh fish, friendly vendors and the best prices.

You will find plenty of snapper, grouper, shrimp and lobster of all sorts of different sizes - so, at Montagu beach market you can pick out the perfect fish to suit your budget and to suit any occasion.


Our fresh red snapper - we bought this beauty. It had lovely clean gills, bright eyes and smelled of nothing more than the sea - it tasted incredible.

This guy will fillet your fish for you - well, we gave him $5, but to be honest that was probably way too much. He was a great laugh and we felt generous...

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