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D&C Takeaway - one of the most popular takeaways on the Island, but very few tourists will have ever been. Food here was delicious and great value.

Unpretentious and hugely popular - as you can see by the number of cars parked outside, people will queue in line to get the best (and best value) food.

Hole in the wall - a lot of the best takeaway food the city of Nassau is served in a traditional 'hole in the wall'. Waiting for you food is usually fun - a place where you can chat with locals about the great food of the Bahamas

A Bahamian Secret - Mrs Ernies Delights looks like it is a regular (but nice) bakery, but they also do some of the best takeaway food on the island


Great food at great prices - what the menu here doesn;t tell you is that you are getting the absolute best quality and also very good portions


A surprise on the side of the road - our introduction to souse was from a side-of-the-road takeaway towards the south of Nassau. It was wonderful.

Local Favorites - Great Places to get Food in the City

When you get away from the tourist area in any city, that is where you can discover what locals really eat. It's always interesting to know if the local food of choice is different from the tourist restaurants.

In the Bahamas, the dishes found in the city itself away from tourist areas are basically the the same - lots of traditional Bahamian food on offer, fish, shrimp, jerk chicken, curry goat and the likes.

The quality of the food when you visit a popular locals takeaway is superb. These places could not survive if the food was not of the highest standards as well as providing great value - you can't go wrong with classic recipes handed down from generation to generation.


Daily specials at Mrs Earnie's Delights - a lot of the best places (in the world) offer small menus of the highest quality food. Freshly prepared every day handmade with love and care, you can't go wrong with mrs Earnie's food.

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