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China Wok

West Bay Street, Cable Beach, Nassau

One of the wonderful things about some of the better food places in the Bahamas, is that they love to use local, fresh ingredients. Even what look to be regular takeaway places (at first sight) take great pride in offering local specialities.

One of those hidden gems is The China Wok, which can be found close to the Wyndham Resort and Crystal Palace Casino.

China Wok - quality Chinese food on West Bay Street, near to The Wyndham

No MSG at The China Wok - the fresh local ingredients they use have plenty of taste, so there is no need to use chemical flavor-enhancers.

China Wok Chef Specialities - if you enjoy local conch, you might like to try the truly Bahamian Conch Ala Black Bean!

Classic Chinese dishes - for fans of the more traditional takeaway dishes, there is something to suit all tastes at the China Wok

Delicate, but tasty, this unusual stuffed crab made a good appetizer


Chinese Conch with Black Beans - a nice take on a classic dish, but using local fresh Bahamian Conch


Opening hours - one of the few places in the Bahamas where you can get yourself some good quality food after 10pm

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