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The Fish Fry

A 'must do' group of restaurants for tourists and locals alike

If you are in Nassau and are looking to experience the real food of the area, then a visit to the Fish Fry (also known as Arawak Cay) comes highly recommended. This area of restaurants and bars is popular with locals too, so you can be assured that the food is the real deal.

Approaching The Fish Fry - the bright color of the restaurants at the Fish Fry is unmistakable. There is plenty of parking during the week, but can get very busy on weekend evenings, when local folk enjoy getting together

Early morning at The Fish Fry - all is quiet during the early hours down at Arawak Cay, before people turn up to eat their fresh fish lunch.

A lot of the restaurants give the impression that they are called 'The Fish Fry' - a lot of visitors know they need to eat at The Fish Fry, but don't know that it is an area, not a restaurant. This restaurant is actually called The New Big 10.


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