Tomatoes in the Bahamas

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Tomatoes in the Bahamas

One of the biggest exports in the Bahamas is the tomato. The soil and warm climate provides perfect growing conditions for tomatoes and you will find them nearly all year round. The best places to buy tomatoes are generally the food market stalls in places like Potter's Cay, or the one on West Bay Street opposite The Fish Fry (about 1 minute walk away).

Green tomatoes are also popular here, especially to make the famous green fried tomatoes dish, which is a real favorite

Perfectly ripe tomatoes - plus a couple of green ones thrown in for good measure. The taste of a tomato that has been freshly picked is something to behold.

Green tomatoes are very popular - with a bit more bite and acidity to a green tomato, they are perfect for coating in a light batter and frying

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