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Fish Dishes in the Bahamas

If there is one genre of food that means more to the Bahamian folk, it just has to be fish. There are lots of great dishes in the Bahamas, but the best of the best tend to be fish or seafood (especially conch).

Here, we have a few photos of some of the classic fish dishes you might expect to be offered when you travel to the Bahamas

Grilled snapper, served with a fresh salad - again, the beauty of this dish is the quality of the ingredients. It came with a cocktail sauce to dip fries into.

'Steamed' Grouper with dumplings - in the Bahamas, when a fish is 'steamed', it means it comes in a tomato-based sauce that is a little bit spicy - delicious!

Freshly caught at Montagu Fish Market - Clear eyes, beautiful pink gills, smelling of nothing more than salt water, this fish is perfectly fresh

A healthy, simple Bahamian meal - here, we have a grouper fillet that has been gently steamed, along with fried plantain, fresh peas (freshly picked and podded on a local farm earlier in the day) along with a simple tomato onion salsa.

Classic Bahamian Fish and Chips - now, I'm not sure what type of fish this was, but it was delicious. Very different from the British original version and I'm sure that most British would not enjoy seeing the head, but I loved this dish!

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