Sushi in The Bahamas

Nigiri sushi at Nobu on Paradise Island - nigiri (fish on rice) is the favorite type of sushi in Japan. Featured here are the classic tuna and salmon (at the back), but at the front are nigiri made with fresh local red snapper and conch.

Sushi chefs at Nobu, Atlantis (on Paradise Island) - Nobu never fail to attract the best sushi chefs and the Nobu in the Bahamas is no exception.

Sushi in the Bahamas

As a fish-loving nation, the Bahamas would seem to be the perfect place for a good sushi house to set up shop. The good news for sushi lovers is that there is indeed good sushi to be had in the Bahamas.

As you would expect, most of the fish served as sushi is imported from cold waters, as is the case for most countries in the world. Large tuna from cold waters taste better and come in frozen. However, you can get some excellent fresh local fish too. In particular, the conch sushi and red snapper sushi are outstanding and come highly recommended.

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A selection of fresh sushi at Ichiban restaurant in Nassau - a chirashi set, with fresh raw fish served over a bed of rice - perfect food to enjoy out on their roof terrace

Miso Soup at Ichiban - a healthy and delicious accompaniment to any sushi meal, this miso soup had plenty of seaweed and tasted wonderful

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