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Bahamian rice and peas - nicely presented and very tasty version of rice and peas, made with fresh thyme, which is essential for good rice and peas

Fried plantain - plantain is especially good if you like a bit of sweetness with your main course. Goes very well with grilled red snapper.

Typical side dishes in the Bahamas - these are typical side dishes from one of the restaurants at the Fish Fry, Arawak Cay.

Coleslaw - coleslaws in the Bahamas can vary a lot from place to place. This very creamy version was from on the restaurants in the Fish Fry area.

Side Dishes

Side dishes in the Bahamas are classic caribbean. The main side dish of the Bahamas, as with many caribbean and Latin American countries, is rice and beans (or rice and peas which is the same thing). White rice is also very popular, especially when the main course has a rice, thick sauce, like steamed conch.

As well as rice and peas, plantain is also hugely popular, as is coleslaw. You will also find plenty of classics that would be familiar to you if you like Southern US food, like macaroni and cheese. As with anywhere in the world these days, fries are also massively popular

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