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Guinness in the Bahamas

Stouts are very popular all over the Caribbean and the Bahamas is no different. Something that surprises many people that love stouts when they visit the Bahamas is to find out that Guinness is actually brewed locally at The Commonwealth Brewery.

Bahamian Guinness is much stronger than the Irish original brewed in Dublin and also much thicker and creamier than the (bottled) original too. The taste is exceptional and is preferred by many local experts.

Guinness brewed in the Bahamas - this photo is taken in the morning before they are open. It's a great place for a leisurely lunch and if you like it more likely, then go in the evening when there will music and plenty of action going on.


Enjoy Guinness, but looking for a change? Another popular favorite stout, which is brewed in the Bahamas (in Freeport) is Strong Back Stout.

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