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Water in the Bahamas

Drinking water in the Bahamas is generally of good quality and the safety is said to be well-regulated.

However, as with any warm, tropical country, there are still a few precautions that most wise visitors prefer to take.

Firstly, although tap water is thought to be fine, you might like to stick to the bottled water. There is no point taking risks when you are visiting and even if the water is safe from the point of view of chemicals and bugs, differences in mineral composition can still upset a stomach.

Secondly, if you are buying bottled water, make sure that the cap is tightly sealed, that nobody has tampered with it and simply filled up an empty bottle with tap water (or worse)

Thirdly, if buying bottled water (especially the big gallon containers), take a look at the date on that bottle. In a warm climate, plastic can degrade very quickly and dissolve into the water. This can create an unpleasant taste and is unlikely to be healthy.

Always buy water that is within its sell by' date and try to choose the newest bottles on the shelf, to get the best possible product.

Finally, as with anywhere in the world, don't consume ice, or drink beverages with ice if you are unsure about where it has come from. If you have a sensitive stomach, you may want to avoid ice altogether if you are out and about on the island.

Water and ice on the resorts should really be 100% safe.

Water is generally safe in the Bahamas - but still, it's always wise to take care when drinking water abroad. Better to be safe than sorry...

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