Drinks in The Bahamas

Popular Drinks in the Bahamas

What will you be drinking whilst in the Bahamas?

When it comes to drinks, the Bahamas is most commonly associated with cocktails. But, there is a lot more to the beverage culture in the Bahamas - they have their own brewery (they make guinness!) and produce some of the finest fruit juice in the world.

Kalik Beer

Kalik is the most popular beer in the Bahamas and you are likely to find it in most local bars and restaurants. As you might expect, it is a refreshing brew, perfect for those long warm evenings.

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Sky Juice

Sky juice is a legendary cocktail in the Bahamas and you will even find stalls set up to sell just this one drink.

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Bahamas Goombay Punch

Goombay Punch must be one of the most supercharged non-alcoholic drinks ever made. Full of tropical fruit flavors and packing in 40% more sugar than Coke, if you are looking for a quick hit, this could be the drink for you!

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Local Coconut Water

Often claimed to be one of the healthiest drinks on the planet, coconut juice in the Bahamas is delicious. As well as the canned product, you will find freshly picked coconuts too - drink straight from the nut using a straw

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Liquor Stores

If you are tired of paying hotel and restaurant prices, you might well be looking for a decent liquor store. Downtown Nassau has plenty, but the best are a little further away.

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Guinness - Made in the Bahamas!

Well, this might be a surprise for fans of guinness stout - it is made in the Bahamas. The Bahamian Guinness has a different taste from the Irish original and is very good.

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Where to Buy Quality Coffee

Although the Bahamas does not produce in coffee, their Jamaican neighbour produces some of the finest in the world.

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What Beer do they have?

Coming to the Bahamas and worrying that they might not have your favorite brew? We take a look at the beers you might expect to drink in the Bahamas.

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