Shrimp in the Bahamas


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The fresh wild shrimp of the Bahamas are really good - sweet and succulent and perfect for all manner of different dishes. You will find a lot of restaurants offering grilled shrimp, cracked shrimp (similar to popcorn shrimp) and also as part of many surf and turf menus.

If you are looking to cook for yourself, some good shrimp can quite often be found for sale at Montagu Beach Fish Market.

They look just like regular shrimp, but they are so much more than that. These are wild shrimp from the crystal clear local waters - never frozen and being eaten on the very same day they came off the boat. The taste was so much better than the frozen ones back home, let alone the farmed ones!

Preparing the perfect lunchtime sandwich - using a local, tree-ripened avocado to create a shrimp and avocado sandwich

The finished sandwich - made with french bread bought from a local supermarket

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