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Lobsters in the Bahamas

Bahamian waters are a rich source of the spiny lobster. These creatures play a big role in the economy of the Bahamas, with some estimates stating that over 4 million pounds of lobster are exported from bahamian waters every year.

With so many lobsters, it is not surprising that there are a huge number of delicious Bahamian dishes that use lobster as the main ingredient, as well as plain boiled or barbecued lobster on their own. Any fan of lobster will definitely want to try some whilst visiting the Bahamas.

Freshly caught lobsters for sale - down at Potter's Cay, Nassau. Lobster is never cheap, but buying them straight from the fisherman gives you the best value possible and also guarantees you are getting it very very fresh

Strange looking critters - spiny lobsters are very odd looking things, especially when you look at the front-on. But, they do taste awesome.

Preparing cooked Bahamian lobsters - the are small ones, which obviously don't have as much meat, but they have a lot more flavor. Better to have two small lobsters, rather than one big one, imo.

A very simple Bahamian lobster lunch - a little lobster tail, some corn, tomato and a little cassava. What you don't see are the french fries and garlic mayo...

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