Bahamian Avocados

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Bahamian Avocados

Avocados are one of the Bahamas' most important export crops. The avocados from the Bahamas are highly prized, as the soil and climate provide perfect growing conditions, giving them excellent flavor.

The best place to buy avocados in the Bahamas would be from one of the outdoor market stalls, rather than a supermarket. This is because the market stalls tend to sell them perfectly ripe and never stored in a cooler, which can affect the texture and flavor (the supermarkets store them in a refrigerator, so they last longer).

Avocado is very popular with fish, or just eaten by itself, or part of a salad. Another favorite is Bahamian avocado soup - this dish uses stock, avocados, cream, hot pepper, curry powder, lemon juice, parsley and black pepper, creating a rich, thick soup with an intense flavor.

A very important crop to the Bahamians - the avocado pear is a hugely important crop to the Bahamas and has been for many decades. One of the most interesting and unusual dishes made with this vegetable is avocado soup


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