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Souce is a traditional Bahamian soup/stew dish. the most popular souse is made using chicken and in particular, chicken wings. Onion, pepper, potatoes and carrots are the main vegetables used in the souse

The secret to a good souse lies in the quality of the ingredients and the balance of the spices used to flavour the soup. Allspice, Bay and lime are key ingredients in a good souse, along with pepper. Some recipes also use celery and garlic to flavor the soup.

Souse prices - we were delighted to find real home made souse being served by the side of the road - we bought a small portion of each to take home and enjoy with a nice cold beer or two...

Go on, you know you want some - a delicious bowl of sheep tongue souse, with plenty of onion. The thick sticky tongue went well with hot pepper sauce

Two cauldrons of souse - you know its home made, when you see the person making it. These souses were made using an old family recipe. Note the allspice floating on top, giving the soup a beautiful fragrance.

chicken souse - a really nice chicken served on the bone (always tastes better on the bone) with plenty of potato and carrot

Spice up you souse - classically, souse is served with a little lime and chilli that you can add to your own liking. Also, more often than not, souse will be served with Johnny cake, but this one came with a nice fresh bread roll

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