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Scorched Conch

The most simple and pure way to eat fresh, raw conch. In the Bahamas the term to 'scorch' means to 'score'. The flesh of the conch is scored prior to chopping into bit-sized pieces, to make it easier to eat.

Sometimes in the Bahamas you wil see 'scorched conch' and sometime 'scorch conch salad' - the difference is just that the salad also includes some chopped tomato, cucumber and bell pepper, creating a more refreshing, balanced dish

Illustration of scorched (scored) conch - clearly showing where the conch has been scored to make it tender, allow the sour orange juice to get into the flesh and make even better to eat. This picture shows the typical conch salad with fresh ripe tomato and cucumber as well as the onion.

Scorched Conch - plain and simple raw conch, marinated for a few seconds in sour orange juice with onions and served immediately

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