Bahamian Patties



A Classic Patty - perhaps more often associated with some of the other Caribbean islands, but still a very popular food in the Bahamas

A Bahamian Vegetable Patty - you never quite know what you will get inside your vegetable patty and that's part of the fun. This one has lots of potato in it.

A Beef Patty - from a small supermarket near the ferry port - tasted delicious served warm by the store, with just enough chilli to keep it interesting.


Similar in style to a traditional British Pasty, or a South American Empenada, the Caribbean Patty is a classic savory snack.

Patties come in all sorts of different varieties. The most popular (in no particular order) are beef, chicken, vegetable and salt fish. Sometimes you will see a patty labelled simply 'meat', which usually, but not always, means there is beef inside.

There is no standard recipe for each of the varieties and you will find that different families and different stores take great pride in their own take on the patty, handed down from generation to generation.

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