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Bahamas Food Tours

One of the most popular excursions, especially with people staying in on of the many resort hotels is to spend a day out and about, exploring the island and also, enjoying real local cuisine.

Our personal favorite tour involved spending the morning on a deserted tropical beach, snorkelling, followed by a beach picnic. Our guide provided cold water, soft drinks, ice, beers and some excellent home-made dishes using her own family recipes.

After that, there are plenty of sight-seeing options, in order to get appetite for the next meal! We loved the walk around Clifton Heritage National Park from Jaws beach along several trails and found the historical buildings and sites of interest their fascinating.

After that, if you have the energy, there may even be time for a quick trip to the Adastra Zoo to see the marching flamingos and then head down to Arawak Cay (aka The Fish Fry) which is just down the road for a drink and restaurant dinner. What could be better than that?

PS - Our guide was Cheryl Fox Ferguson - highly recommended!

What an perfect place to enjoy a picnic lunch - you know its home made, when you see the person making it. These souses were made using an old family recipe. Note the allspice floating on top, giving the soup a beautiful fragrance.

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