Bahamian Dumplings


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Bahamian Dumplings

Bahamians love to dumplings in their soup, very much like old-fashioned British soup. The basic dumpling is a very simple thing, but it's beauty is in absorbing the flavors of the soup or sauce that is in.

A basic Bahamian dumpling usually consists of nothing more than flour, milk and salt, with a touch of baking powder to make it lighter. Many people also season with pepper and herbs.

Another favorite in the Bahamas is to add coconut milk to the dumpling. This is really popular when it comes to serving with rice and fish. Dumplings can also be fried, rather than poached in a soup or stew.

Fried dumplings are really popular at festivals, especially with a little salt fish added to them, or served as a side dish served to accompany fish, just like the steamed grouper and dumplings shown below.


Steamed Grouper with Dumplings - an incredibly tasty dish and the dumplings were the perfect accompaniment, having taken in some of the delicious sauce

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