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Conch Fritters

One of the most delicious snacks in the Bahamas is the Conch Fritter. We love them served with an ice cold beer, preferably Kalik.

These tasty balls are mainly made of minced fresh conch, combined with a little onion, pepper and celery (the Holy Trinity of veg). They are then coated in batter and deep fried.

Conch fritters in downtown Nassau - one of the restaurants in Nassau is called conch fritters. We are delighted to tell you that the conch fritters we sampled at 'conch fritters' restaurant were exceptionally good!

A classic plate of conch fritters - a dozen conch fritters served up at The Fish Fry, Arawak Cay, along with a cocktail dipping sauce.

Conch fritters are nearly always served with a cocktail sauce for dipping them into. Mostly, this sauce is mayonnaise-based, like you find in a shrimp cocktail. Some sauces, though, are made of ketchup (or catsup), mixed with a little horseradish and some chilli. Either way, the dipping sauce is the perfect compliment for a conch fritter

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