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Bahamian Cocktails

Visitors to the Bahamas love their cocktails. With such a huge range of the very best tropical fruits, as well as fresh coconuts on offer, it is no wonder that these drinks are so popular - if you go to the right places, you will be getting the best possible quality.

There are quite a few very popular cocktails in the Bahamas and some that were invented in these islands.

One of the most famous Bahamian cocktails is Sky Juice - with coconut milk and gin, it has a wonderful taste that is unlike any other

Sky Juice - is so popular that you will see stands dedicated to just this one cocktail alone. You can even get an 'unleaded' version, meaning it is alcohol free

The Daq Shak - with such good fresh fruit on offer, much of which is sourced locally and ripened on the trees, it is no wonder that the daiquiri is so popular.

Tip - get your cocktail made how You like it

Unlike some of the snobby 'mixologists' you find in big cities, the cocktail makers in the Bahamas are friendly and will make it just the way you want it, even if that means going away from a classic recipe.

So, if you want your daiquiri made without the sugar syrup, just ask!

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