Beer in the Bahamas


Beer in the Bahamas

Beer in the Bahamas suit the Caribbean sunshine perfectly - totally refreshing. But watch out, they are generally high in alcohol, with lager ranging in the 5-6% range and Stouts in the 6-8% range.

Two lager beers are produced in the Bahamas, Kalik and Sands. Both are hugely popular. But, if you prefer US domestic brands then don't worry, you can still find favorites like Bud and Miller.


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If you are looking for something that's going to excite the taste buds a little more than a lager, but you still crave that hoppy, malty taste, you might like to try one of the Bahamas Stouts.

Something that might come as a surprise to some, is that Guinness is brewed in Nassau.

The Guinness in Nassau is a very different drink from the original Irish brew - far stronger, richer, sweeter, suiting the taste buds of the Bahamas beer drinker. In that respect, the Nassau Guinness is much more akin to the version you might find brewed in Nigeria.

A Typical Beer Menu in the Bahamas - most bars in the Bahamas offer both local as well as what you may know as US domestic (imports here) beers

The Commonwealth Brewery - locals are proud of the fact that they provide the Caribbean with their 'local' brews. Quite a few beers are brewed in the Bahamas

The most popular beer in the Bahamas - Kalik is brewed in the Bahamas and has a light refreshing taste that is perfect for those long warm evenings


Guinness, that most famous of Irish Bahamian beers - did you know that guinness is brewed locally in the Bahamas?

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